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Who I Am

My name is Nathan Runge and I am a developer, a designer, a project manager, an entrepreneur, and an educator. It may seem that I am claiming to be a jack-of-all-trades but I strive to be an expert in two: reasoning and communication. By rigorous analysis I distill each issue down to its fundamental nature, whereby it can be unambiguously understood, addressed, and communicated. That’s what I love doing, and these skills form the foundation on which I have built a wider competence in each discipline. In moments of escape I like to read; enjoy a walk in the fresh air; watch something mindless, like Topgear or Let’s Plays; and engage in robust debate.

What I Do

While thinking and communicating form the core of what I do, they’re not terribly specific. I’m currently operating a small game development business called Ozymandias Australia while seeking paid employment in a range of fields. I have significant experience as a software engineer working on both games and more traditional software solutions. Building on this background I have recently gained experience teaching Computer Science at a major Sydney university. Alongside my experience in software engineering I also have extensive experience in game design and project management roles, and years of experience operating a small game development business.

My Work

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